Roma – Il Nido Del Pettirosso

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My experience at The Rome: Il Nido Del Pettirosso


When visiting a new city it you wouldn’t want to end your trip without sampling the local delicacies. When in Rome you wouldn’t want to miss on the pasta and pizza, but this you can find anywhere even in your home town. However, you should not board your plane back home without visiting Il Nido del Petirosso restaurant that serves high quality dishes whose tastes are drawn by fusing different flavors and tastes. The restaurant offers a relaxing atmosphere with bright colors and comfortable seats giving a cool ambience that allows you to enjoy your meal. Located on the Via Palermo 89 Rome.


The resident chef is widely experienced in authentic Italian and Roman dishes. The chef uses the freshest ingredients to ensure that customers are served the best meals to give a feeling of the season. The culinary experience that comes with each food serving at the Rosso Petti is something you don’t want to miss.


The Italian dishes at the restaurant are good for the heart as the products come from the farms on Valle del Camino directly to the restaurant. The restaurant also serves wines brewed from berries that are optimally ripe thereby offering aromatic precursors. While there you should make a point to sample Maturano white wine or D.O.P Cabernet red wine. If you are a beer person, the restaurant has you covered, as it stocks selected beers brewed by traditional methods.


Everything in the restaurant shows you how much time was put in to give clients a memorable experience. From the dishes to the walls, and menus, the culinary space at Il Nido Del Pettirosso is lovely. The creativity and hospitality at the restaurant will leave you amazed and wanting to come back.  There will also be some cool jazz playing in the background as you enjoy your meal.


One of the most ordered meal at the restaurant and one I would recommend is the Rabbit confit.



The next time you are in Rome and looking for a new dining experience, Il Nido Del Pettirosso is the place to be. Depending on which season you are visiting, you won’t be disappointed. Remember to call the restaurant early to make your reservations as some nights it gets fully booked.


Written by: Jack Fiennes


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