Vanves – Restaurant Le Paris

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Restaurant Le Paris

Anyone who has ever visited France has to agree – the French are truly wizards when it comes to food, with their exquisite use of spices, their extraordinary wines and truly delicious desserts.

When we arrived to Vanves, a commune in southwestern suburbs of Paris, my friends and I were delighted to get acquainted with French cuisine, so we went to a restaurant not far from our hotel. The restaurant, Le Paris, was a wonderful discovery in which we definitely had the meals of our lives.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was really pleasant, so we quickly felt just like home while sipping our mojitos that arrived after a blink of the eye. The staff continued this truly amazing fast tempo of service with our appetizer, which was salmon tartar, which was an exquisite new dish I had never tried before.

After that, my friends ordered pasta with chicken, while I ordered turkey curry with coconut milk, which I have to say, was as exotic and wonderful as I imagined it would be. The turkey was so soft it almost melted in my mouth and the coconut milk gave it a nice twist, really bringing out the flavor of the turkey.

After these meals we were quite full, but I ordered dessert, and I have to say I was really glad I did. I opted for strawberry mousse, which was the dessert of the day. After the previous courses, the strawberry mouse turned out to be the best dish to finish this gastronomic epic, with its light, fluffy texture and delicate flavor. I especially enjoyed how creamy it was, with an optimal dose of sweetness, while the strawberry flavor really felt refreshing.

After such wonderful meals, I will definitely make it my culinary priority to visit Le Paris in Vanves once again, as soon as possible, and I suggest you do the same.


Written by: Lady Ame

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