Prague – The Bastion Prague Restaurant

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The Bastion Prague Restaurant review

You may not be very well familiar with Czech dishes, but Bastion Prague Restaurant will be your best preferred choice of hotel in the Czech Republic. They have a wide range of foods to choose from including some really exotic seafood, western dishes and top of class wine. They provide with over a hundred of wine and champagne list to choose from. I personally had the privilege to spend some time in this world class stand restaurant and I would recommend anyone to visit it.

Its location is just is well thought out. It’s built at the top of a hill in the Prague city. This gives it a fascinating view of the whole city. Some of the memorable architectural beauties I managed to see from this restaurant are the Petrin Tower, some monumental statues and churches. This view is just amazing especially at night. This would be a lovely place to hold corporate events, weddings and honeymoon, fashion shows, vacations and retreats.

My stay at this Prague hotel was a memorable moment that I still cherish. Though I just spent a week here, I had the opportunity to mingle with most of their staff; who are the secret to the excellence of this hotel. They are very hospitable and very willing to attend to you whenever you are in need. They always attend to customer with a smile and great humility.

The hotel is not expensive, considering all the luxury and comfort they offer. There is ample space, top of range furniture, artistry sculptural designs, great and well maintained garden with blossoming flowers and pavements.

I loved every of their dishes. Their fish is very outstanding. They are experts in seafood. The dishes are prepared with precision, I was almost asking for the recipes of this seafood. I enjoyed them at almost every meal.


Some of the meals offered in this hotel include Langoustine with mussels, rabbit leg confit, quail variations, grilled lamb chops and filletto Bastion Their wine and beer are classy and well chosen. Some other fascinating dishes include Tuna steak, beefsteak and coconut sorbent. There is a collection of fresh fruits, exotic soups and salads to top up all these delicacies. Bastion Prague hotel is the best place to attend whenever you visit Czech Republic.


Written by: Sollom



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