Prague – IL Mulino Restaurant

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My friends and I were in Prague on an educational visit to Narodni And Muchovo Museum. Our visit was getting a little dry and we were all starving, so we decided to look for a diner nearby. We were not familiar with the restaurants around so we picked Il Mulino randomly as it was looking an attractive place to hang out, plus the name drew us to it since we were all craving for some Italian food. It was a compact glass door entrance, with a hallway leading to a variety of sitting places sit near the street view or you make your way outside where you can dine in full view of the entire surrounding. The architecture was fantastic, blending in the colors of Czech Republic. We were all wanted to stare at the people around us for gossips and fun so we took seats upstairs.


We all started with Caprese which is said to be the representative of the Italian flag, and I must say it was simply delicious. We were all willing to go for variety so we ordered a vegetarian pizza, spinach and ricotta ravioli with tomato sauce and lasagna bolognese. I must say that I had never tasted a vegetarian pizza that much exquisite and appetizing. I remembered what they say about Lasagna Bolognese, that it is a recipe running among Italian generations for ages and I am compelled to say that Il Mulino is a perfect Italian diner in Czech Republic that serves these and all other Italian dishes. It was mouthwatering and the best dish of that day. I am a fan of spinach and ricotta ravioli, especially with tomato sauce and I have had many before but I can say that Il Mulino offered quite a treat, the kind I had never had in any restaurant anywhere in the world.


The overall service was quick and we didn’t have to wait much. The waiters were very co-operative and professional. We were thrilled to visit the best Italian cuisine in the heart of Prague. I never thought that Prague could have such elegant dining spots but now I must say with a restaurant like like Il Mulino, I would die for a second trip to the Czech Republic.


Written by: Temo Hawi

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