15 Inflammation Causing Foods to Stay Away From

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Imagine dedicating time and discipline into going to the gym, following a strict diet, and staying away from food after 8 PM, only to realize that your tummy isn’t getting any flatter. What could be the underlying cause of our bodies rebelling against our desire to get in shape? The culprit isn’t the universe working against you, but rather low-grade inflammation.
Inflammation is an immune system response when it detects the presence of an invader (e.g. bruised knee, allergic reaction). However, in cases of chronic, low-grade inflammation, apart from injuries and diseases, food can increase our C-reactive protein (CRP) count, triggering an inflammatory response. Constantly eating inflammatory-inducing foods can lead to added poundage, fatigue, digestive problems, and a number of other health conditions like diabetes and obesity.
If regular exercise isn’t helping you shed weight then try combining it with the elimination of these 15 inflammation-causing foods in order to reach your ideal body weight.


Artificial Additives


“Artificial” refers to anything not naturally found or grown in nature, meaning that our bodies have no way to process it. Artificial ingredients such as food coloring are made from petroleum oil. Our immune systems categorize them as foreign substances and trigger an inflammatory response to flush the invaders from our bodies.



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