15 Absolutely Worst Foods for Your Brain

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We all know at least one person who seems laser-focused all day, every day. They never miss a beat, and oftentimes it can be annoying to see them so productive when we are lagging in our daily tasks and exercise regime. But why is that? Do they possess innate superhuman powers?

Most likely, the answer is no. Their brains work more efficiently, and we too can gain those skills. No, don’t flop around in a pool of radioactive waste; instead, eat healthy foods while avoiding ones that can hurt your noggin. In order to help keep our wits sharp, these are the 15 most dangerous foods for our brains that we should avoid at all costs.




Mmm… Donuts… are, unfortunately, bad for you. Yes, they’re high in sugar and contain preservatives, but it’s the saturated fat content that is the main killer. The worst thing you want to put into your body when you wake up is sugar and saturated fats. Too bad donuts have them in spades.



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