15 Foods That Are Terrible for Your Metabolism

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We know the struggles of losing belly fat. It’s not just about hitting the gym, getting enough sleep, and eating the “healthy.” What we need to do in order to get a sexy flat belly is to leave the metabolism-damaging foods and drinks behind.

Metabolism is a biochemical process where our bodies process and convert what we consume into energy. The more efficiently our bodies burn calories, the less likely we’ll gain weight. What we put into our bodies plays a role in determining the efficiency of our metabolisms. If you’re looking to get a flat belly or drop your poundage, then eliminate these 15 types of foods from your diet.


Conventional Apples


An apple a day keeps the doctor busy. Apples from orchards are sprayed with toxic chemicals that are meant to kill fungus and pests. However, a certain fungicide used on apple trees is known to cause weight gain in both mice and humans. Limit your exposure to pesticides and opt for natural, organic fruits.



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