These 15 Skin Care Products Can Be More Hazardous Than Fastfood

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The things we put on our skin – cosmetics, shampoos, lotions – can be just as dangerous to our health as the food we put in. Certain ingredients used in face washes, sunscreens, and other products have been linked to disturbances in hormonal levels and even cancer. The dangerous chemicals in creams and shampoos can seep into our bloodstream.

There are numerous ongoing studies on the exact hazards of skin care products, but almost everyone, including researchers, agrees that natural ingredients are the safest route to getting flawless skin and hair. The next time you go shopping for skin care, protect your skin by avoiding these 15 skin care products.

Note to readers: Certain brands that use organic or natural ingredients may be free from the effects mentioned below; keep an eye on the list of ingredients when purchasing skin care products.


After-Spa Cleansing Masks

These cleansing masks you use on your face and skin after a relaxing day at the spa look cute, but they’re unnecessarily harsh on your skin. The first couple of days might seem like it’s working on your skin, but after 3 or 4 days of regular scrubbing, it’ll feel as harsh as sandpaper.



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