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15 Alimentos Com Mais Cálcio Do Que O Leite

Que o cálcio é importante para a saúde isso ninguém duvida, mas por que será tão importante assim? Acontece que o cálcio não é só fundamental para os ossos, ele também auxilia em diversas funções corporais, inclusive nas neuro transmissões feitas através dos nervos. Quando o nosso corpo não recebe a quantidade adequada de cálcio isso enfraquece nossos ossos e leva a distúrbios e várias doenças.

Conforme vamos envelhecendo a produção de cálcio próprio do nosso corpo vai diminuindo ainda mais, se tornando mais imprescindível ainda a ingestão de alimentos ricos em cálcio. Apesar da crença comum de que apenas o leite é rico em cálcio, existem inúmeros outros alimentos que são mais ricos em cálcio que o próprio leite. Segundo pesquisadores uma dose diária adequada para um adulto de cálcio seria de 1.000mg, devendo aumentar essa quantidade ao longo dos anos.

1.  Queijo


O queijo, talvez por ser derivado do leite, possui alta quantidade de cálcio em sua composição, principalmente o parmesão. Apesar disso é importante o não exagero de consumo, haja vista que ele também é rico em gorduras e sódio. Nada exageradamente faz bem, há alguns tipos de queijo no entanto que não são tão ricos em cálcio, pois não há a presença da bebida láctea em sua composição.

This Happens If You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

Apple cider vinegar has an excellent reputation in the natural health community. Many claims have been made about the magical properties of the liquid, most of which have been proven scientifically. The use of apple cider vinegar for health and medicinal purposes dates back to ancient Greece. Some health experts recommend drinking apple cider vinegar daily (2 tablespoons diluted in a cup of water) to reap some rather significant health benefits. In this article, we’re going to talk about 15 benefits that you can get from drinking the vinegar on a daily basis.

1. Your Appetite will Decrease


If you’re going on a diet, you can increase your weight loss by drinking a solution of water and apple cider vinegar to keep the munchies away. It also helps boost the satiating effects of food, keeping your stomachs fuller for longer.

This Is What Will Happen If You Eat Kale Every Day

Kale is an amazing vegetable that contains nutrients such as vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B9, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and many more. Best of all, they’re all in such large quantities that you could consume your recommended daily dosage with a kale-based salad. All of these nutrients can have great impacts on your health if you eat kale regularly. But what would happen if you ate cooked kale every day?

1. You Will Lose Weight


Eating kale doesn’t mean you should stop exercising just because of kale can help with weight loss. Actually, eating kale and exercising should help a lot on weight loss because of the high levels of energy and fiber absorbed from the kale. Your body shouldn’t feel hungry as often as usual.

If You Eat Black Pepper Every Day, This is What Happens to Your Body

Do you love the taste of black pepper? The strong musky smell and the spicy aftertaste after every bite? Well, there are some good things and some bad things that can come out of eating black pepper every day. Black pepper was once used to cure diseases but may also cause them if not used correctly. We will cover the pros and cons of consuming black pepper at least once every day, with or without mixing it together with food.

Below is the list of 15 things black pepper does to your body:

1. Improves Weight Loss


Just like any other variety of spice, black pepper can be used for losing weight. The cause of this is by the spiciness from the black pepper raises the body’s heat, allowing the body to burn calories more easily. In addition, black pepper may also help with metabolism during exercising.

Top 15 Foods With More Calcium Than Milk

Why is calcium so important for good health? Calcium plays a critical role in several bodily functions such as muscle contraction, transmitting messages through nerves, and for releasing hormones. In a diet with a calcium deficiency, the body depletes calcium from the bones, leading to health disorders and disease.

Just about every cell in our body uses calcium for optimal health. This is why its more important to up your intake of calcium as you get older because, during the aging process, our bodies absorb less calcium.

There are a lot of calcium-rich foods besides milk that we can include in our daily diets to ensure we are getting sufficient amounts of this important mineral.

The recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium is 1,000 mg per day for the average adult and it should be increased to 1,200 mg per day from the age of about 50 years.



Cheese is an excellent source of calcium, especially parmesan cheese, which contains 33% of the RDI per 28 grams. Our bodies also tend to absorb calcium from dairy products more easily than from plant sources. Aged, hard cheeses are also low in lactose so easier to digest.

15 Superfoods That Can Help Prevent Heart Attacks & Unclog Your Arteries

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food! A healthy diet with adequate exercise does wonders for longevity and health.

Good nutrition can lower the risk of heart disease due to the nutrients and antioxidants that maintain optimal health and boost immunity. Heart-related issues like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, clogged arteries, and high cholesterol can be avoided by implementing healthy habits.

Whether you want to restore your health or simply stay on track to maintain a healthy heart, then incorporate these 15 superfoods to improve heart health and reduce inflammation and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Before you reach for pharmaceuticals to fix you, try stocking up on these superfoods for improved overall health.



When your mother told you to eat your greens, she wasn’t joking! Packed with vitamin K, broccoli offers a natural detoxification of plaque in your bloodstream. Broccoli contains healthy fiber which aids your body in reducing blood pressure and stress. This in turn, reduces the risk of tearing and plaque build-up in your arterial network.

15 Foods You Can Eat and Not Gain Weight

There are several factors that determine how filling a certain food is compared to its calorie content. The calorie/satiety ratio is calculated using the satiety index. This defines how different foods give you that full feeling while lowering your calorie intake.

Certain foods rank high on the list when it comes to satisfying hunger while avoiding overeating and weight gain.

Foods that are filling tend to have an increased level of water or air so they don’t add on the extra calories. Protein is more filling than fats and carbohydrates, meaning you don’t need to eat large volumes to feel full. High fiber is another food group that helps you reach the satiety index without gaining weight because these foods move through the digestive tract slowly, reducing hunger cravings for longer.

By choosing the right foods to fill up on, you can avoid increasing your calorie intake.

Try these 15 foods that you can eat a lot of without gaining weight!



Oatmeal is commonly eaten for breakfast and ranks highly on the satiety index. So, that means it makes you feel full without putting on the pounds. This is because it’s a great source of soluble fiber that slows down digestion and carb absorption.