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Food is bae’ is a phrase I would use when it comes to my perspective of food. I mean, I like diversity and when I find a dish that fascinates me, I usually write a review and try the dish more often. What interested me of late in my travels is a dish I was served in Sarova Hotel. The Hotel is located in Nairobi, Kenya. You just take an eight minute walk from Kenya Convection centre.

I usually like a personalized service because of my eating habits, I enjoy savouring every drop of greatness in a tantalizing meal. I got to see how the meals were being made. I had never felt myself as a part of the kitchen in my life before. I got to have real insights into the cuisines. I just had to book a room to have the same experience all over again.

Back to the dish that fascinated me, it is called was Pilau that was side punched with Chutney Masala. Every bite of this dish felt like small drops of heaven. I felt like digging into my plate more and more but again I did not want the taste to cease on my buds that fast. I was forced to have two plateful of the dish. On top of that the service of the hotel was like no other I had seen. It was so distinctive. The dress code of the waiters, the nuance of their language and etiquette.

To those who might be wondering how the chutney Masala and Pilau is prepared, I asked one of the chefs who advised me to follow Chef Ali’s recipe. It is the one that most hotels use for themselves. He has a blog where he posts most recipes. Nonetheless, the chefs that work in Sarova are amongst the top chefs in the country.

And the side punch (Chutney Masala)