Kolkata – Mainland China Restaurant

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Mainland China- A Food Lover’s Paradise in Kolkata, India

Kolkata is undoubtedly a heaven for all food lovers. There is no dearth of restaurants in the city for those who simply love to gorge on a variety of food. Likewise, Chinese food is one of the most popular food in the city and Mainland China is the place to be.

Ask a person living in Kolkata what Chinese food means to them and you will get the answer. For anyone who prefers to eat authentic Chinese food without having to visit China needs to visit this restaurant. Due to its growing popularity, there is more than one branch of the restaurant scattered through this city.

Mainland China located at South City Mall, Kolkata, India is a food lover’s place to be. It is located at the top floor of the Mall so visitors don’t need to spend much time locating it.

Right when you step into the restaurant you will get a feeling as if you have entered a restaurant in China. You can either choose to make prior reservations to avoid the rush or you can directly check in. Even with the huge footfall, the waiting time isn’t long.

The soft background music and the dim lighting add to the perfect ambiance. If that wasn’t enough, the sweet aroma of Chinese delicacies is sure to take you to another world.

The best thing about this restaurant is the concept of a Buffet Restaurant. Those who want to enjoy more food can opt for buffet. You can either choose to enjoy Vegetarian Buffet or Non Vegetarian Buffet. No matter what option you choose, there is definitely no shortage of the variety of food.

For the Buffet Menu, you get a variety of starters. Since the buffet is unlimited you can eat to your heart’s content. Some of the food in this menu includes chicken wings, momos, etc. The best thing is they keep on updating the menu to keep it fresh and new every time.

The main food course includes rice, noodles, soups along with several side dishes.

Finally, the Buffet ends with equally lip-smacking desserts that includes cakes, ice creams, sweets and more. In order to enjoy the dessert, you must keep enough space in your stomach.

The elaborate 10 page Menu lists all the food items that you can enjoy in the restaurant. There is no doubt, the options are too many to choose from. From dimsum, soups, rice, noodles, fish, prawns, chickens to desserts you get all types of food to tickle your taste buds. Above all, the food includes a Chinese flavor that has a different effect on your taste bud. In simple words, it is something you will cherish for a long time.

There is also a separate 12 page Bar Menu that includes a variety of drinks that you can enjoy with your food. If you are a nondrinker, you can also enjoy non alcoholic Mocktails that are worth trying.

When in Mainland China, don’t forget to try out their best dish Fresh-water steamed whole Bhetki or Freshwater Bhetki braised in any sauce of your choice.


Written by: Rina Banik

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