Milan – L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc

L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc

L'Antico Ristorante Boeucc
L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc

L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc is one place that is synonymous with fine wine that matures with age. With a rich portfolio spanning more than three centuries, any diner who chooses L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc is assured of a mix of traditional cuisines and classical flair that defines fine dining. Milan has for the last three hundred and twenty years had an impeccable feather on its cap – Boeucc Restaurant.

The food served at Boeucc is purely and exclusively Italian. Milanese cuisines, like all other Italian cuisines are recognized as having some of the best dishes. At Boeucc, the exclusivity there is with serving Milanese cuisines makes the place extra special. For a visitor who seeks to savor Italian food, this restaurant presents a perfect opportunity to explore traditional menus unique to Milan. The fact that Boeucc Restaurant has been around for long guarantees that theirs are the best dishes in the City.

This Milanese cuisine-serving restaurant is also unique in several other ways. Foremost, it bears a great amount of versatility in the kind of services it offers. Available services apart from indoor dining at Boeucc Restaurant include; outside catering, wedding location, exclusive venues for special events and the Bistrot. The Boeucc has a variety of halls and spaces that allow it the luxury of availing all these various services to its clientele.

The Bistrot hall’s location at the L’Antico Ristorante Boeuccrestaurant is of convenient exclusivity which makes it suitable for business luncheons. For those who fancy garden dining, there is a verandah at the restaurant that overlooks lush evergreen gardens, especially suitable for breakfasts (sala giardino). The building that houses the Boeucc restaurant is of rich classical descent. It boasts of high vaulted ceilings and ageless artefacts that bring to life Italy’s cultural heritage. The paintings adorning the walls and the overall architecture adds a palatial flair to the space, making your dining experience at Bouecc ultimately memorable.

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