Voorburg (The Hague) – De Koepel Restaurant

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Restaurant “De Koepel”

Whenever you are looking for a good restaurant anywhere in the World, the first two things you want is great food and good ambiance, including service. If those two things are up to your standard, you might close an eye if the price is a bit higher than you would wish.

Restaurant “De Koepel” (or “The Dome” in English) located in Voorburg, one of the suburbs of The Hague, in The Netherlands, definitely fills the bill on the first two accounts. Even when you consider the prices listed on the menu and the enjoyment the whole experience you can have, the prices you would have to pay can actually be considered moderate.

The first thing that strikes you is the location and the look of “The Dome”. Located in a park that once belonged to the Dutch Royal family, “The Dome” looks exactly like that, a dome. It used to be an orangery of a nearby hotel “Vreugd and Rust” (practically across the street), which itself boasts a Michelin star restaurant. Actually, chef and owner, Leo van Langh, used to be a sous chef at the “Vreugd and Rust” before he decided to try his own luck. And it seems to have been the right move!
When you enter the restaurant, you immediately notice its circular in shape, as well as its terrace, which should be your sitting choice, if weather permits. The welcome, as well as the rest of the service, is almost impeccable. But what about the food.

First of all, Dutch cuisine itself has picked up a lot of traits from other continental European cuisines, particularly French, as well as Indonesian, from the times Indonesia was a Dutch colony. “De Koepel’s” menu, as well as chef van Langh’s expertise lies with the former. The menu changes according to the season and the ingredients available at that time.

For example, looking at the main dishes for the spring, you can choose between a seabass with pommidori sause, couscous and basil, cod with ratatouille, vadouvan, ravioli filled with goat cheese and spicy shrimp, duck breast, with shiitake mushrooms and green asparagus; grilled “Palmesteyn” steak with dick liver and madeira sauce, lamb fillet with stouf, truffle quiche, asparagus and sage, or you can go vegetarian seasonal dish.

At the latest visit, the reviewer had, the spring roll stuffed with mango, goat cheese with a mango sweet and sour sauce, “Palmesteyn” steak, and a cheese plate. At the time, the three course meal, was priced at 35 euros, and a glass of wine was 6 euros, something you would pay at practically any standard restaurant in the area.


Written by: Shannon

Web-Site: http://www.brasseriedekoepel.nl/

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