London – Café Monico

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Cafe Monico the best restaurant in London

London has always been a busy city and last week I happened to have booked an appointment with a friend of mine in the city. Upon wondering where the meeting will take place, one thing I always look for in a hotel is relaxation, comfort, and delicious meals.

This friend of mine suggested that we meet at Cafe Monico, located on 39-45 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 6LA. Frankly speaking, I have never been in this café before but the experience I got made me regret many times I have been in the city and failed to visit this restaurant. I felt like revising all the times I have visited other hotels to this one.

The restaurant is so beautiful and spectacular in its own unique ways. Very spacious such that there is even a conference room that you can hold a meeting of about 70 people and the parking lot is just more than enough. I liked everything about the interior design and the art used in making this restaurant a classy and sophisticated place absolutely a hidden gem in London.

My friend reserved a sit in the upstairs and I could not help enjoying the great atmosphere and the views of the bar downstairs which was eye catching. I found myself staring at it most of the time.When I entered in this restaurant, I just felt welcomed and at the right place a small haven indeed.

With the service of friendly and professionally waitress, we enjoyed the pre-theater meal of oysters salmon tartar and artichokes and some Sancerre. The meal was more than delicious the best dish I ever shared with a friend. I added it to my favorite dish list every time I am back in this place. I give Café Monico Chefs all the credit for preparing such tasty food.This is absolutely my favorite food joint that I’m looking forward to visiting again, and again every time I visit London city.


Written by: Melisa-Smith

Link To Cafe Monico Web Site:

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