Trinidad and Tobago – D’ Boss Ah Soup

Trinidad and Tobago - D' Boss Ah Soup
Trinidad and Tobago – D’ Boss Ah Soup


In the Beautiful twin Isle of  Trinidad and Tobago, one is not limited to choosing any one particular cuisine. See, we are a multi-racial and multi-national country where no one cuisine is the right cuisine. However, there are some chosen favorites among the bunch. Since this article is mainly geared toward the best Restaurant in my area, I’ll cut my proud ramble short.
So let’s get into it.
Residing in the area of Woodbrook, (which is more toward the North-Western end of the Island), there are many restaurants boasting of the local and international cuisine. Spotted in between are even some Chinese and Syrian restaurants. Most are quite good, however today I want to focus on a dish Popular within Trini Cuisine; Corn Soup from my favorite spot, D’ Boss Ah Soup.
D’ Boss Ah Soup located on Tragarete Road, a short distance away from Cipriani Boulevard, this rustic little gem is placed.
Now many may not regard soup as proper food, more like an appetizer maybe, but not an actual dish. And that is very understandable, but my friend, the way we make soup in my country is quite different. When you’ve finished a bowl, you would feel like you had eaten a 4 course meal! Yes, they are that filling! And D’ Boss Ah Soup does an incredible job at not only portraying the depths of flavor we all know too well and love in all our dishes, but the seal their service off with a smile. For me, Customer service is everything!
When you first enter into the Soup Shop, you are greeted by an old time, traditional atmosphere and decor, mixed with the friendly conversations between customers and staff. The scent of all the soups under constant fire, cause your stomach to churn with anticipation for what is to come. Every time I go, I can’t help but order the same thing! Ever since this place was first recommended to me, I’ve always ordered a Large Beef soup with slight pepper, plenty ground provision and plenty dumplings. Not once have I ever been disappointed! This is by far their best dish! The beef is soft and tender, falling apart in your mouth with ease, the dumplings are each well flavored and perfectly shaped into bite sized cubes, the ground provision cooked to perfection; soft but still tough enough to hold up to a good chew and the split pea base of the soup, salted correctly, holds the perfect balance of thickness to fill you up, but loose enough to get that signature slurp! The pepper sauce added brings across a unique yet taste bud tantalizing flavor! So, if ever you’re in Trinidad and happen to be in the area of Woodbrook, Stop by D’ Boss Ah Soup! I promise you won’t regret it!


Written by: Bradley Young