Cape Town – Royale Eatery

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This restaurant gave me the best burger in the world written by: Dongre I don’t know about you, but I think that burgers are the ultimate comfort food. I thought I’d had the best burgers that exist in the world today, until I came across Royale Eatery during my last visit to Cape Town in South Africa. The whole menu made my mouth water but I wanted to have a burger. My burger of choice- is called El Burro, and is considered to be a favorite among patrons. I couldn’t think of a more clichéd way to say this, but this dish is the best dish I’ve ever had, hands down!

My friend and I went to Royale Eatery on a Saturday night, as part of our date-night ritual to grab something to eat and try something new together. When we arrived there, I could smell the warm, flavorful aromas of real, tantalizing meat on the grill. The crowd and the atmosphere there was so laid back and relaxed. Bonus points to the staff there, who made us feel like we were their welcomed guests.


There is a booming culture of burger-eating in South Africa. As you know, there are burgers, and then, there are burgers! As a first try, I ordered El Burro, which was a 160-gram beef patty blended with chorizo, chilies and coriander. On top, it had mozzarella cheese, roast tomato salsa, smoked jalapenos and guacamole. I just loved all of those flavors together! I took one bite and it was like I died and went to heaven. A glass of red wine gave my evening the finishing touch.

This place had a charming and old-fashioned feel to it, and I was in awe of their choice of décor for each room, including collections of hats and musical instruments on the wall. Date-night didn’t feel so monotonous after all. It was quirky, and sometimes you just want to have a really good meal with the ones you love. It was one of the most relaxing evenings I’ve had in such a long time and I am just itching to go there again!


Written by: Don green



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