Cape Town – Sevruga Restaurant

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Sevruga Restaurant


My last memorable visit to Cape Town was in 2001. The beautiful people were among my fondest memories, and my friend Linda made sure we didn’t spare visiting the beautiful Table Mountain- like I was going to leave South Africa without seeing it- and the amazing wine regions.

Fifteen years later, as I arrived in Cape Town, the cold winds from the Cape Doctor got me pondering over my decision to visit Cape Town. Again my able South African host, Linda, assured me August in Cape Town isn’t so bad once you keep your vital areas warm. After all, I may never see the Cape Peninsula any greener.

So enough about August in Cape Town. What could there be here to eat? I am curios it has a while since I came here. To celebrate a fine town day in Cape Town, my host and I made it to one of the most popular restaurants in the city. At the world famous V& A Waterfront with an expansive bright terrace, awaiting me, was Sevruga Restaurant.

The restaurant’s fabulous “American Walnut Walls” and amazing wooden floors coupled with a separate bar and lounge all came together to make me realize I was in for a fantastic experience. After securing a table inside-though the terrace would have been adorable had it not been the winds- we ordered from their renowned sushi, dim sum and cocktails. Mr. Green, the resident sushi master graced or palettes with an unforgettable restaurant experience. Our smartly dressed and courteous waiter further made our dining experience like royalty. Knowing the menu inside and out and was very helpful.

We both settled for the Tablerone Martini and our crispy wontons, deep-fried to amazement made our dim sum just unforgettable. Our sushi arrived with our salmon delicacies gracing our table.

After chowing down two pieces, my mind was made. This was the best have I had anywhere.


Written by: Chriss Yoo

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