Sterling – Cheng’s Restaurant

Sterling – Cheng’s Restaurant

Cheng’s is a family owned Chinese restaurant that has been running for the past thirty years. I have been there multiple times and my favorite dish of all time is the “Kung Pao Chicken”. It is wonderful as it includes chicken tenderly fried toss style in a spicy sweet savory brown tangy sauce with roasted tasteful organic peanuts and red spicy chili peppers.

It is located next to the Regal Movie Theatre in Sterling, Virginia 20146. It is located on the right corner of the shopping center, as it is disguised. Therefore, Cheng’s is located in the United States of America.

The food is really good there, as the ambiance is just perfect. There is a pond inside the family owned restaurant, which is just an amazing scenery as I enjoy the order of Kung Pao Chicken when I go there every time. What is amazing that they use authentic ingredients, fresh poultry, fresh seafood, and fresh beef. Every single time that I order they are consistent.

Cheng’s restaurant in Sterling, Virginia in United States of America is an amazing place to go with anyone. Another time I went with my uncle and my family, and I actually ordered crispy tender chicken drenched in garlic sauce. It was amazing. This is my family’s favorite restaurant without a doubt with it comes to Chinese Oriental food. When I order the Crispy Honey Shrimp, the shrimp is cooked perfectly. Many times they are rubbery and overcooked but that was not the case. Shrimps are always cooked to perfection. One time I ordered egg rolls for appetizer and while they so tasty. They had a schezuan spice that was included and with it was perfect with the eggroll, because there was just a hint of sweet balance to it with the cabbage in it.

I would come back here any day, service is always good, and not always crowded as they handle customers perfectly.


Written by: Ramin Sharaf