Rome – SUSHISEN Vero Ristorante Giapponese

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Perfect restaurant in Rome, SUSHISEN Vero Ristorante Giapponese


When you go to the Rome one of the first things that people try when it comes to food ,are local specialties like pizza and pasta , for example. This is of course what we tasted first. But after a few days, we wanted to try something different. Our Italian friend persuaded us to visit a charming Japanese restaurant. The place is called Sushisen and has become very popular among the local people and among the tourists as well. Staff of the restaurant is very kind and made us feel like we’re not in a foreign country.

First we tasted several types of sushi, because we have heard that this is their specialty . We ate sushi with tuna, sushi with salmon and sushi with squid. I personally liked sushi with squid the most , taste is fresh, juicy and a light.

Later we switched to salads. Me and my husband have a habit of eating several small meals in every restaurant. . We have an impression that it is the best way to feel the spirit of the restaurant. We both took a salad called Tofu salada, that is basically salad with tofu. It has wasabi and yuzu dressing, which is mix of sweet flavours and citrus fruit, interesting combination.

At the end of we took Japanese specialty, a dish that can be eaten as sufficient meal, japanese ramen. We took Tontkatsu Ramen. It is maybe the best dish i have ever tasted. I’m not a fan of pork but this dish has bought me. Perfect creamy taste, noodles which melt in the mouth, unusual combination of spices .. We asked for the recipe, and although I am sure they did not say all the ingredients, as soon as we get home I will try to make this perfect and nutritious dish. All in all an beautiful restaurant with fantastic food in romantic city. What more to ask for?


Written by: Prideand Prejudice


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