Brazda Lui Novac – Restaurant La Rocca – Ex Cleo

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Baked Potato
Baked Potato

Restaurant La Rocca – ex Cleo is a sophisticated restaurant located in street Brazda Lui Novac in Romania. It opens every day of the week, unlike many other restaurants in the area. If you are in Romania for a vacation or business meeting or conference, you should not worry about where you can take your best Romanian dish as Restaurant La Rocca – ex Cleo surpasses the rest in the area with their catering expertise. One thing that makes me comfortable about this place the first moment when I enter is the hygiene and clean air. The restaurant has been designed in such a way that it is in open air and yet looks so comfortable. It allows me to relax as I can choose to stay under a shade when there is some sun shining, or decide to enjoy a cool drink in the free open air space. It is a restaurant that has the capability of hosting large events and all you need is to make some reservations with the management.

They serve great meals just the way you love them at affordable prices. The restaurant has a large garden and courtyard which gives me the comfort that only nature can provide. The trees around and in the area contributes highly in the circulation of air.

My pick of their menu that is serviceable is unquestionable. I mostly love taking Ciolan la protap when I visit this place, which I visit every day for lunch so to say. Ciolan la protap is a slowly roasted pork knuckle that is enormous and is served with mamaliga and sauerkraut. Actually, what I love most about this dish in this restaurant is that, the dish is huge enough for two, but I take it alone. I am the kind of person who love enjoying what they have paid for and in sufficient amounts. In some other hotels, you might be served the main dish, but you might mistake it for appetizer. Restaurant La Rocca – ex Cleo serves their own highly drinkable beer too.

The restaurant is located in the town and, therefore, that makes it easy to rush there for the lunch break during working days. When I am too committed, I sometimes go for take away or takeout services when I have no time to have a seated lunch. If you have occasions you would wish to get hosted in a classic manner, Restaurant La Rocca – ex Cleo is the place to be. It is perfect if your occasion involves:

· Romantic occasions

· Families with children

· Large groups

· Special occasions like graduations and birthdays

· Dining on a budget


Written by: Rechel Smith


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