Prizren – GOLD Restaurant Mushnikova

GOLD Restaurant Mushnikova is located in Prizren, Kosovo. It is home to all barbeque lovers. They are widely known for pit smoked barbeque with both non-traditional and traditional sides, as well as Cajun and vegetarian focussed dishes. A large variety of side dishes gives plenty of options along with the hearty main draw. Some of the best side dishes cooked in GOLD Restaurant Mushnikova includes varieties of potato salad, mac n cheese, collards, fries, mashers, vegetarian black beans, tossed salads, Barbeque beans and even cole slaw. They even provide several vegetarian options, along with a handful of Cajun offerings and tacos.
They had a unique method of presenting barbeque. Even though I have been to different Barbeque places the experience at GOLD Restaurant Mushnikova was totally fantastic. Their customer service is excellent and the food is really delicious. The GOLD Restaurant Mushnikova has got various ways to beautify the tables with a variety of table clothes. This restaurant is good for 3 reasons: Taste, Quality, Consistency and the Barbeque get a perfect 10 on all fronts. I just couldn’t stop licking my fingers after having the butter chicken. It was totally worth the price I paid.
The way the tables are arranges truly encourages the comfort of every individual, even if it is a group or couple. The sole reason behind is that the tables are arranged to fit more than two people while the rest can accommodate only two. The surrounding environment is so peaceful. They even put soothing music in the background and decorate the dinner table with candles during night. You also get to customize the looks of your dinner table by paying a small tip.
This is a perfect place to host events like birthdays and parties. They offer on call reservations on all seasons. After that all you got to do is pay the bill and enjoy the party. I suggest that you should visit the GOLD Restaurant Mushnikova once and taste their best dish and special food. This place is good for parcel takeaways as well. I will always want to come back to this place again and again.
So next time when you get a chance to come through Prizen, Kosovo, the GOLD Restaurant Mushnikova is one of the best options if you are feeling Barbeque. I would say it is one of the best Barbeque places in the country. You really don’t want to miss one of Prizen’s best barbeque restaurants.


Written by:  karakia