New York City – Pizzeteria Brunetti

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Pizzeteria Brunetti, a Home Away From Home!

Pizzeteria Brunetti - Wine & Pizza
Pizzeteria Brunetti – Wine & Pizza

Me and my husband have a tradition of eating out at a new restaurant every weekend. This weekend, we decided to try out ‘Pizzetteria Brunetti’. We have tried and tested almost all the big pizza chains in the New York City, yet we had no idea that the pizzas at Brunetti will be better.

We reached the restaurant early, which worked in our advantage as we got to sit outside in the cute garden and enjoy the open air sunset. The ambience of Pizzetteria is beautiful, and offers something for everyone. For hopeless romantics like us, there is the garden outside, for the bachelors and mates, there is a bar with high quality beer and wine, for the hygiene fanatics, there are kitchen views.

The way staff operates inside the restaurant is also remarkable. It reminded us of a choreographed routine, with one member continuously kneading the dough, the other sprinkling all the toppings and the third putting the pizza in the oven.

We started off our order with a bottle of Alglianco, mixed olives and potato croquettes. The buttery sauce on the croquettes was to die for. Then we ordered their signature Vongole pizza, which was a perfect combination of garlic, clams and cheese. The quality of the pizza was amazing. The balance of different elements struck all the right cords. The dough was soft, the crust had just the right crisp, and the amount of toppings was just about right.

We called the night an end with a tiramisu as a dessert. With amazing restaurant service and delicious food, Pizzetteria Brunetti has become one of my favourite places to stop by for my pizza cravings. However, the prices of the pizzas incline towards the high-end, so I would reserve this place for special occasions only. If anyone wants to tantalize their taste buds with the best pizzas in NYC, this is the place to be.


Written by: Alan Parker

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