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Santa Rosa – Santa Rosa Restaurant

Like the beauty of Santa Rosa the food out there is full of variety and taste. There are a number of Best Places To Eat In Santa Rosa, and to know which one would match your taste you should ask the locals around there which include your hotel staff, the taxi driver, the shop keeper as they are the people who have been living in this particular place since long and have a good idea about the different variety of food available.

Restaurants Santa Rosa California varies from small family opened up restaurants to award winning fine dining restaurants. You name a cuisine and it is available. The taste and quality of food available in few restaurants is so good that you would keep on talking about it till long and would make you come back. Different restaurants have different ambience, some are quiet and some are filled with laughter and music, so that there is something for everybody. The charming weather of Santa Rosa suggests you to eat out in a restaurant which has open area so that you can enjoy the food and weather together.

One of the finest beers is found in Santa Rosa Brewery. Don’t be afraid of the long queues in front of the famous breweries, you won’t regret a little wait as the taste which you will get would be worth the wait. IF the service is good a person doesn’t mind waiting or long. There is a large variety of freshly brewed beer available in Santa Rosa, you can not taste all but yes try to taste the maximum so that you can go in for a bottle of your choice and enjoy each sip. The staff as in the server of the brewery should be knowledgeable about all the beer available so that he can guide the ones looking out for help according to their taste.

If you are not a beer lover then go in one of the Santa Rosa pubs and try the different cocktails available which will make you ask for more. Mixing good food and drinks takes you completely to a world filled with enjoyment and fun, and if you get good crowd as in people to talk to then nothing can be better. So look out for pubs which have good drinks, food and crowd.

This is a family-friendly place where all the members of the family can easily find their favorite food. Another good reason for picking this place is that their lunches and salads are all fresh and made with high-quality ingredients. You can always rely on them to come up with new and original recipes for their customers. Once you’ve visited this restaurant, you’ll always be looking for chances to revisit it.

Nizam of Hyderabad – Paradise Restaurant

Paradise Restaurant : A Paradise for Biryani lovers

Ever wondered where is the best Biryani in the world available ? The Answer is “Paradise” located in the Nizam city of Hyderabad, India, which is famous for rich heritage and culture.
Paradise Restaurant, hearing this word the first thought that comes to mind of many foodies is the Hyderabadi Biryani, which is considered the most delicious Biryani recipe of the world. The main ingredients used in this recipe are Basmati rice( a variety of long, slender grain aromatic rice), meat ( preferably goat ), yogurt, onions, spices, lemon, saffron, coriander leaves and some fried onions as garnish.

Coming the restaurant itself which is established in 1953, began as a small cafe offering tea and snacks , it runs on the slogan Good Food , Great Service and Happy Time . With various branches spread across the city of Hyderabad , its main branch is located at M G Road, Secunderabad ( which is a twin city of Hyderabad ) . The main branch has a huge space with a seating capacity of 1500+ . Though this very Restaurant is famous for the Hyderabadi Biryani , it offers other wide variety of options like Kebabs, Chinese foods including Noodles and Drinks which are sure to satisfy the hunger of any individual. This Restaurant also offers a special dish called Haleem during the season of Ramdan.

Guests throng the Restaurant to savour the Hyderabad Cuisine with friends and family keeping the buzz alive throughout the day. With a blend of tradition and culture , the expert chefs here bring the culinary marvels from the royal court of the Nizams to the people around the world.
This very Restaurant was the recipient of awards from publications like Times of India and Burrp. First Prize – Best Biryani 2012 Times Food Award and many more…
Be sure to to visit this place when you visit Hyderabad the next time.

Website : www.paradisefoodcourt.com

Written by: Aditya_Garimella

Kolkata – Peter Cat Restaurant

Peter Cat – A Legendary Restaurant in Kolkata, India

India is a vast country where people belonging to different social, cultural and religious identities live together as one. To the east of the country, lies the city of Kolkata, former capital, foremost cultural center and an absolute paradise for food lovers. The food scene in Kolkata is filled with unlimited varieties and boasts of a whole lot of restaurants that offer various types of cuisine ranging from the indigenous Bengali to modern European and Continental and almost every kind of cuisine in between.

Ask anyone in Kolkata about their favourite place to hang out in the city and chances are that most of them will answer, “Park Street.” This beautiful stretch of road runs between two important crossings of the city and is a prime food, entertainment and business zone for the people of the city. It is dotted with many popular restaurants known for the delicious food they serve. It is a very common scene to find people patiently waiting in long queues on weekends outside these restaurants on Park Street.

A legendary restaurant standing tall amidst all the eateries of Park Street is in operation since the 1960’s. Apparently named after a cat who made the Lord’s Cricket Ground, London his home in the 60’s, this family run eatery boasts of a wonderful ambiance and is beautifully decorated. The waiters are dressed in regal Rajasthani style attire and are known for being extremely courteous and attentive.

Although their menu card runs up to 9 pages and consists of many well-known Continental and North Indian delicacies as well as many varieties of Sizzlers, their signature dish remains their version of the Chelo Kebab, originally a dish from Iran. The fame of this dish at Peter Cat is such that food lovers visiting the city take time out to make a trip to the restaurant so that they can gorge on the Chelo – two succulent pieces of mutton kebabs marinated in Persian spice mix, served over a bed of buttered rice with a poached egg and char-grilled cubes of chicken and vegetables on the side.

Written by: silver white winter

Sterling – Cheng’s Restaurant

Sterling – Cheng’s Restaurant

Cheng’s is a family owned Chinese restaurant that has been running for the past thirty years. I have been there multiple times and my favorite dish of all time is the “Kung Pao Chicken”. It is wonderful as it includes chicken tenderly fried toss style in a spicy sweet savory brown tangy sauce with roasted tasteful organic peanuts and red spicy chili peppers.

It is located next to the Regal Movie Theatre in Sterling, Virginia 20146. It is located on the right corner of the shopping center, as it is disguised. Therefore, Cheng’s is located in the United States of America.

The food is really good there, as the ambiance is just perfect. There is a pond inside the family owned restaurant, which is just an amazing scenery as I enjoy the order of Kung Pao Chicken when I go there every time. What is amazing that they use authentic ingredients, fresh poultry, fresh seafood, and fresh beef. Every single time that I order they are consistent.

Cheng’s restaurant in Sterling, Virginia in United States of America is an amazing place to go with anyone. Another time I went with my uncle and my family, and I actually ordered crispy tender chicken drenched in garlic sauce. It was amazing. This is my family’s favorite restaurant without a doubt with it comes to Chinese Oriental food. When I order the Crispy Honey Shrimp, the shrimp is cooked perfectly. Many times they are rubbery and overcooked but that was not the case. Shrimps are always cooked to perfection. One time I ordered egg rolls for appetizer and while they so tasty. They had a schezuan spice that was included and with it was perfect with the eggroll, because there was just a hint of sweet balance to it with the cabbage in it.

I would come back here any day, service is always good, and not always crowded as they handle customers perfectly.


Written by: Ramin Sharaf

Koh Tao – Beach Club By Haadtien Restaurant

Capri - Aglio oglio
Koa Tao


In the small island Koh Tao that’s in Thailand in a beautiful hotel located in shark bay called “Beach club by haadtien” there’s the most romantic beautiful Italian restaurant right on the beach named ‘Capri’.
The place is designed so that even if all the tables are full you would still fell as if you’re there only with the person you came with.
All tables are facing the ocean so as well as a romantic mood you get to see the best view.
The restaurant specializes in pizzas of all kinds. They have a brick oven where they bake the pizzas right after you order.

We ordered the vegetarian pizza. It comes with onions, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms all on a crispy crust with amazing tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella. Best pizza I ever had in Thailand! for a minute I actually thought I was in Italy.

The restaurant also has a large selection of pasta. We tried the ‘Aglio Oglio’. The sauce on this pasta is olive oil, garlic, chili flakes and of course graded parmigiana cheese.
This dish was incredible. The pasta was cooked perfectly and had so much flavor.

The service in ‘Capri’ is also worth mentioning, the staff was very nice and we got everything we wanted without waiting even though the restaurant was full.

I would go back to ‘Capri’ without a doubt!
For the romantic atmosphere, for the beautiful view, for the good service but most of all for the amazing food. It’s definitely worth traveling to Koh Tao for.

Written by: Lior Y.

Buffalo – Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar

The United States is known for many great food dishes. Depending on what part of the country you’re in will determine what might be the top recommendation on the menu.

When you are in Buffalo, New York the favorite dish on the menu is chicken wings. If you are a local, then you just call them wings, but if you’re passing through you might call them Buffalo wings, hot wings or a combination of the two. And, if you’re local, you’ll know exactly where to get the best ones, really cheap almost every night of the week.

I highly recommend the Spicy Hot BBQ chicken wings from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY which claims to be Home of the Original Chicken Wing’. While their original sauce is famous around the world, I really like the sweetness the BBQ sauce adds to the flavor, it also cuts a little bit of the heat. Ever wonder why wings are served with celery and carrots? They help cool your mouth from the spicy heat of the hot sauce, especially when dipped in blue cheese dressing!

There are plenty of ways to order your wings, I prefer mine cooked extra crispy, extra saucy. Cooking for the extra few minutes ensures the fat on the wing is crispy rather rubbery, and the meat generally falls off the bone this way. Extra saucy? Well, who wouldn’t want extra sauce?

In Buffalo its traditional for wings to come with blue cheese dressing on the side, however, you can order ranch dressing if blue cheese isn’t your style. They will know you’re not local, but better to order what you like than suffer through blue cheese if you hate it!

If it’s your first time I recommend ordering a mix of medium wings and BBQ wings to get started. If you can handle the heat, you can always ask your server to bring out the hot sauce to try, just remember to ask them for extra celery!

Written by: jacktonemyles

Temecula – La Cocina Bar And Grill

La Cocina Bar and Grill
La Cocina Bar and Grill


Food and drink have become a major part of most people’s lives, in particular their social lives. Temecula restaurants offer dining experiences to satisfy every taste and budget. From upscale to casual, sophisticated to kid-friendly, and exotic to traditional, Temecula dining is as diversified and flavorful as its world famous wine selections.

International. Savor a little taste of Italy, spice it up with some Thai or Indian cuisine, experience authentic Japanese or Chinese dishes, and sample some sizzling Mexican fare. Whatever your mood dictates, Temecula provides.

One of my personal favorites is La Cocina Bar And Grill. It is Temecula’s authentic Mexican restaurant. Every meal is prepared fresh, never pre-made. It’s a great family run restaurant in the southern area of Temecula with customers known by their names and faces. Crowds come in for the great food as well as the atmosphere. Service and attention to detail is what makes the La Cocina Bar And Grill one of Temecula’s favorite Mexican restaurants.

Traditional. If you are looking for more traditional or American cuisine, Temecula restaurants offer everything from relaxing steakhouses to popular burger joints. Enjoy a southern barbeque, sample a variety of seafood choices, or nibble on a light lunch at an outdoor cafe.

I highly recommend the Liberty Kitchen Restaurant. Though the menu is limited, the ingredients are high quality and cooked to delicious perfection. The whole dining experience from food presentation to service is excellent.

Wineries. Temecula is famous for its wines, and several vineyards have their own restaurants, many with 5 or 6 star ratings. Complete your wine tour with an elegant meal prepared by celebrity chefs or dine alfresco while admiring beautiful sunsets and breathtaking scenery. Some winery restaurants are very sophisticated and romantic, requiring evening attire, while others are quaint bistros with a more casual atmosphere. And since each winery designs the menu to match perfectly with their own wines, you will enjoy exceptional wine and food pairings.

Bistro Champagne at Thornton Winery gives an amazing access to the Temecula Valley Wine Country. Year cycle, seven days a week, honor winning Executive Chef Steve Pickell joins “Contemporary Fusion Cuisine” with premium wines in a rich yet non-particular air making a balanced pizza’s for the aggregate gourmet experience. Expect four-star cooking, a reasonable menu, and educated staff.

Whether you are enjoying a romantic retreat, a family vacation, or a corporate event, Temecula restaurants provide the ideal dining atmosphere. Choices range from casual and fun to cozy and intimate. With family owned and operated cafes, popular bars and grills, buffets, fine dining, and ethnic cuisine, the options are so varied that you will have to stay a week just to sample everything available. You may choose to visit intriguing wine country restaurants or sample a succulent meal in Old Town Temecula, but wherever you travel throughout this city you are guaranteed to find amazing dining selections in every price range that represent both local and international cuisines. From high end to family affordable, Temecula serves up spectacular menus that will please any palate.

So, if you are seeking an intimate romantic setting, a fun family diner, or a quiet cozy cafe nestled within some of nature’s most stunning scenery, Temecula restaurants are ready and waiting to provide exceptional dining experiences that will be as memorable as they are delicious.

Written by: Asantebaba.