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Oklahoma – Napoli’s Italian Restaurant

Napoli’s Italian Restaurant, Oklahoma

The restaurant is located in Alex, Oklahoma, home to quite a few stake joints, so it stands out a little. Ironically though, you will find Napoli’s in a strip mall back in the corner, meaning when you come into the parking lot you have to look for it. The overall setting is adequate and the staff is quite amicable. The restaurant has a chilled atmosphere and they have quite a few strong dishes, regardless of the searing reviews from critics on yelp. This comes from the fact America has fine-tuned its taste for exotic dishes through the melting pot of cultures that have integrated in urban centers for the past few generations. For a unicorn, this restaurant gets a few things right though.

The first dish worth mentioning is the Chocolate Tiramsu. Classic tiramisu does not usually have chocolate but the way that it paired was a pleasant surprise. All skeptics are invited to try it out for their benefit. The best dish I would say is the dinner salad with the creamy marinara dipping sauce for the homemade garlic rolls. The rate is also quite appealing considering the dipping sauce portion allocated.

This is a good place to go to if you are looking for something above the usual within the Italian market for any meal. The customer service is on point and the food is on another level. Positive reviews from clientele always claim about original flavors. At the same time, the pricing is quite good considering. Most items on the menu go for $15 or less and the servings are so significant, they are almost suspicious. So the next time you go come through Alex, Oklahoma, this is one of the best options if you are feeling Italian or gourmet. I would say one of the best Italian places in the country.


Written By: Jeff Willingtone

New York City – Barbounia Restaurant

Barbounia Restaurant in New York City

Are you looking for a restaurant that will activate your taste-buds with their finger-licking delicacies? Or are you simply looking for a restaurant with unparalleled customer service? Then Barbounia restaurant is certainly your best bet. Centrally located in New York City, USA, this restaurant has managed to climb the radar to the top of hospitality industry in the region. With recent mushrooming of sub-standard hotels which sabotage your quest for quality meals by bringing your low quality foods, Barbounia restaurant has shun their attempts and managed to guarantee quality food for you and your family.

In a world full of options, Why choose Barbounia restaurant? If this is a question lingering in your mind at the moment, wait till I spill the beans. Come with me as I flex muscles and delve into the nitty-gritty details of their delicacies with the only warning being, be ready to salivate.

With unique and properly prepared foods, Barbounia restaurant has managed top pull customers from all walks of life. What has catapulted it to the top of hotel industry is perhaps its outstanding meals all prepared to suite every person’s needs. Whether for desert or cocktail, Barbounia is your #1 destination. With delicacies like Basilica cocktails and Terracotta shrimps cooked in taboons available, you will surely ask for more of their best dishes.

What’s more, this hotel is a five star by all standards. Its simplicity being its ultimate sophistication, what will perplex or even perturb you is its unique design which gives you a feeling of classicism and sophistication at the very sight.

Barbounia also offers foods depending on the origin of any individual. Various foods for given countries are available making it one of the most outstanding restaurants in New York. With enough facilities to ensure utmost comfort while you enjoy every bite of their food, this is your ultimate opportunity to have a date with class and quench your desire to dine with elegance.

It is time you headed to Barbounia Restaurant for a Mint golab cocktail or falafel pita all prepared to awaken that eating giant in you.


Written by:  Hesky Carter

Milan – L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc

L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc

L'Antico Ristorante Boeucc
L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc

L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc is one place that is synonymous with fine wine that matures with age. With a rich portfolio spanning more than three centuries, any diner who chooses L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc is assured of a mix of traditional cuisines and classical flair that defines fine dining. Milan has for the last three hundred and twenty years had an impeccable feather on its cap – Boeucc Restaurant.

The food served at Boeucc is purely and exclusively Italian. Milanese cuisines, like all other Italian cuisines are recognized as having some of the best dishes. At Boeucc, the exclusivity there is with serving Milanese cuisines makes the place extra special. For a visitor who seeks to savor Italian food, this restaurant presents a perfect opportunity to explore traditional menus unique to Milan. The fact that Boeucc Restaurant has been around for long guarantees that theirs are the best dishes in the City.

This Milanese cuisine-serving restaurant is also unique in several other ways. Foremost, it bears a great amount of versatility in the kind of services it offers. Available services apart from indoor dining at Boeucc Restaurant include; outside catering, wedding location, exclusive venues for special events and the Bistrot. The Boeucc has a variety of halls and spaces that allow it the luxury of availing all these various services to its clientele.

The Bistrot hall’s location at the L’Antico Ristorante Boeuccrestaurant is of convenient exclusivity which makes it suitable for business luncheons. For those who fancy garden dining, there is a verandah at the restaurant that overlooks lush evergreen gardens, especially suitable for breakfasts (sala giardino). The building that houses the Boeucc restaurant is of rich classical descent. It boasts of high vaulted ceilings and ageless artefacts that bring to life Italy’s cultural heritage. The paintings adorning the walls and the overall architecture adds a palatial flair to the space, making your dining experience at Bouecc ultimately memorable.

Written by: Delvine

Link To Web Site: http://boeucc.it/

Kolkata – Mainland China Restaurant

Mainland China- A Food Lover’s Paradise in Kolkata, India

Kolkata is undoubtedly a heaven for all food lovers. There is no dearth of restaurants in the city for those who simply love to gorge on a variety of food. Likewise, Chinese food is one of the most popular food in the city and Mainland China is the place to be.

Ask a person living in Kolkata what Chinese food means to them and you will get the answer. For anyone who prefers to eat authentic Chinese food without having to visit China needs to visit this restaurant. Due to its growing popularity, there is more than one branch of the restaurant scattered through this city.

Mainland China located at South City Mall, Kolkata, India is a food lover’s place to be. It is located at the top floor of the Mall so visitors don’t need to spend much time locating it.

Right when you step into the restaurant you will get a feeling as if you have entered a restaurant in China. You can either choose to make prior reservations to avoid the rush or you can directly check in. Even with the huge footfall, the waiting time isn’t long.

The soft background music and the dim lighting add to the perfect ambiance. If that wasn’t enough, the sweet aroma of Chinese delicacies is sure to take you to another world.

The best thing about this restaurant is the concept of a Buffet Restaurant. Those who want to enjoy more food can opt for buffet. You can either choose to enjoy Vegetarian Buffet or Non Vegetarian Buffet. No matter what option you choose, there is definitely no shortage of the variety of food.

For the Buffet Menu, you get a variety of starters. Since the buffet is unlimited you can eat to your heart’s content. Some of the food in this menu includes chicken wings, momos, etc. The best thing is they keep on updating the menu to keep it fresh and new every time.

The main food course includes rice, noodles, soups along with several side dishes.

Finally, the Buffet ends with equally lip-smacking desserts that includes cakes, ice creams, sweets and more. In order to enjoy the dessert, you must keep enough space in your stomach.

The elaborate 10 page Menu lists all the food items that you can enjoy in the restaurant. There is no doubt, the options are too many to choose from. From dimsum, soups, rice, noodles, fish, prawns, chickens to desserts you get all types of food to tickle your taste buds. Above all, the food includes a Chinese flavor that has a different effect on your taste bud. In simple words, it is something you will cherish for a long time.

There is also a separate 12 page Bar Menu that includes a variety of drinks that you can enjoy with your food. If you are a nondrinker, you can also enjoy non alcoholic Mocktails that are worth trying.

When in Mainland China, don’t forget to try out their best dish Fresh-water steamed whole Bhetki or Freshwater Bhetki braised in any sauce of your choice.


Written by: Rina Banik

Voorburg (The Hague) – De Koepel Restaurant

Restaurant “De Koepel”

Whenever you are looking for a good restaurant anywhere in the World, the first two things you want is great food and good ambiance, including service. If those two things are up to your standard, you might close an eye if the price is a bit higher than you would wish.

Restaurant “De Koepel” (or “The Dome” in English) located in Voorburg, one of the suburbs of The Hague, in The Netherlands, definitely fills the bill on the first two accounts. Even when you consider the prices listed on the menu and the enjoyment the whole experience you can have, the prices you would have to pay can actually be considered moderate.

The first thing that strikes you is the location and the look of “The Dome”. Located in a park that once belonged to the Dutch Royal family, “The Dome” looks exactly like that, a dome. It used to be an orangery of a nearby hotel “Vreugd and Rust” (practically across the street), which itself boasts a Michelin star restaurant. Actually, chef and owner, Leo van Langh, used to be a sous chef at the “Vreugd and Rust” before he decided to try his own luck. And it seems to have been the right move!
When you enter the restaurant, you immediately notice its circular in shape, as well as its terrace, which should be your sitting choice, if weather permits. The welcome, as well as the rest of the service, is almost impeccable. But what about the food.

First of all, Dutch cuisine itself has picked up a lot of traits from other continental European cuisines, particularly French, as well as Indonesian, from the times Indonesia was a Dutch colony. “De Koepel’s” menu, as well as chef van Langh’s expertise lies with the former. The menu changes according to the season and the ingredients available at that time.

For example, looking at the main dishes for the spring, you can choose between a seabass with pommidori sause, couscous and basil, cod with ratatouille, vadouvan, ravioli filled with goat cheese and spicy shrimp, duck breast, with shiitake mushrooms and green asparagus; grilled “Palmesteyn” steak with dick liver and madeira sauce, lamb fillet with stouf, truffle quiche, asparagus and sage, or you can go vegetarian seasonal dish.

At the latest visit, the reviewer had, the spring roll stuffed with mango, goat cheese with a mango sweet and sour sauce, “Palmesteyn” steak, and a cheese plate. At the time, the three course meal, was priced at 35 euros, and a glass of wine was 6 euros, something you would pay at practically any standard restaurant in the area.


Written by: Shannon

Web-Site: http://www.brasseriedekoepel.nl/

Trinidad and Tobago – D’ Boss Ah Soup

Trinidad and Tobago - D' Boss Ah Soup
Trinidad and Tobago – D’ Boss Ah Soup


In the Beautiful twin Isle of  Trinidad and Tobago, one is not limited to choosing any one particular cuisine. See, we are a multi-racial and multi-national country where no one cuisine is the right cuisine. However, there are some chosen favorites among the bunch. Since this article is mainly geared toward the best Restaurant in my area, I’ll cut my proud ramble short.
So let’s get into it.
Residing in the area of Woodbrook, (which is more toward the North-Western end of the Island), there are many restaurants boasting of the local and international cuisine. Spotted in between are even some Chinese and Syrian restaurants. Most are quite good, however today I want to focus on a dish Popular within Trini Cuisine; Corn Soup from my favorite spot, D’ Boss Ah Soup.
D’ Boss Ah Soup located on Tragarete Road, a short distance away from Cipriani Boulevard, this rustic little gem is placed.
Now many may not regard soup as proper food, more like an appetizer maybe, but not an actual dish. And that is very understandable, but my friend, the way we make soup in my country is quite different. When you’ve finished a bowl, you would feel like you had eaten a 4 course meal! Yes, they are that filling! And D’ Boss Ah Soup does an incredible job at not only portraying the depths of flavor we all know too well and love in all our dishes, but the seal their service off with a smile. For me, Customer service is everything!
When you first enter into the Soup Shop, you are greeted by an old time, traditional atmosphere and decor, mixed with the friendly conversations between customers and staff. The scent of all the soups under constant fire, cause your stomach to churn with anticipation for what is to come. Every time I go, I can’t help but order the same thing! Ever since this place was first recommended to me, I’ve always ordered a Large Beef soup with slight pepper, plenty ground provision and plenty dumplings. Not once have I ever been disappointed! This is by far their best dish! The beef is soft and tender, falling apart in your mouth with ease, the dumplings are each well flavored and perfectly shaped into bite sized cubes, the ground provision cooked to perfection; soft but still tough enough to hold up to a good chew and the split pea base of the soup, salted correctly, holds the perfect balance of thickness to fill you up, but loose enough to get that signature slurp! The pepper sauce added brings across a unique yet taste bud tantalizing flavor! So, if ever you’re in Trinidad and happen to be in the area of Woodbrook, Stop by D’ Boss Ah Soup! I promise you won’t regret it!


Written by: Bradley Young

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/De-Boss-Ah-Soup-158903224165731/

Santa Rosa – Santa Rosa Restaurant

Like the beauty of Santa Rosa the food out there is full of variety and taste. There are a number of Best Places To Eat In Santa Rosa, and to know which one would match your taste you should ask the locals around there which include your hotel staff, the taxi driver, the shop keeper as they are the people who have been living in this particular place since long and have a good idea about the different variety of food available.

Restaurants Santa Rosa California varies from small family opened up restaurants to award winning fine dining restaurants. You name a cuisine and it is available. The taste and quality of food available in few restaurants is so good that you would keep on talking about it till long and would make you come back. Different restaurants have different ambience, some are quiet and some are filled with laughter and music, so that there is something for everybody. The charming weather of Santa Rosa suggests you to eat out in a restaurant which has open area so that you can enjoy the food and weather together.

One of the finest beers is found in Santa Rosa Brewery. Don’t be afraid of the long queues in front of the famous breweries, you won’t regret a little wait as the taste which you will get would be worth the wait. IF the service is good a person doesn’t mind waiting or long. There is a large variety of freshly brewed beer available in Santa Rosa, you can not taste all but yes try to taste the maximum so that you can go in for a bottle of your choice and enjoy each sip. The staff as in the server of the brewery should be knowledgeable about all the beer available so that he can guide the ones looking out for help according to their taste.

If you are not a beer lover then go in one of the Santa Rosa pubs and try the different cocktails available which will make you ask for more. Mixing good food and drinks takes you completely to a world filled with enjoyment and fun, and if you get good crowd as in people to talk to then nothing can be better. So look out for pubs which have good drinks, food and crowd.

This is a family-friendly place where all the members of the family can easily find their favorite food. Another good reason for picking this place is that their lunches and salads are all fresh and made with high-quality ingredients. You can always rely on them to come up with new and original recipes for their customers. Once you’ve visited this restaurant, you’ll always be looking for chances to revisit it.