Phoenix – Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

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Hey, are you craving for a upbeat family-friendly restaurant in Arizona? Then, Oregano’s Pizza Bistro is for you.

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro is a family-friendly restaurant that specializes in Italian entrees specially the iconic pizzas. But, this restaurant takes this defintion to a different level like Chicago style. For example, the pizzas can be served in thin chest(the classic version), Pan pizzas, and lastly stuffed pizzas.

The thin crust pizzas is your standard flat crust pizza that can offered as cheese only or if its not enough for you, you can add topples to your heart’s content.

The pan pizzas is a flaky crust size of the thin crust where its even more thickly and cheesier than its thinner brother.

Lastly, the stuffed pizza is like it sounds, its a deeper dish added the homemade crust and fill it with cheese and fresh ingredients and then covered it with a layer of thin crust and top it with a tangy sauce(boy that’s a lot of tomato sauce to be put on there).

All of these three pizzas’ chesses are the not ones that you can find at grocesy stores, they are all made from the lovely state of Wisconsin. It sounds like you want to go there now don’t you.

I have both good and bad news. The bad news is the business is only exclusive in Arizona, but for Arizonan natives your in luck.

The restaurants are currently opened for sixteen stores in Arizona.

The business has been going strong for almost twenty-three years now so it definitely reflected all of the entrees that I mentioned early. But, are you still carving for a delicious dessert, don’t they got you covered! They offer the infamous, but sweet pizooke. The pizooke is cookie version of the pizza, but it much sweeter. The pizooke is offered for three flavors, the original chocolate chip, peanut butter, and lastly the caramel chocolate. All of these flavors taste fantastic when you try it yourself.

So what are you waiting for?  go on down and get your tank filled with Oreganos pizza today.

Written by: schmoney15.

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