Oklahoma – Napoli’s Italian Restaurant

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Napoli’s Italian Restaurant, Oklahoma

The restaurant is located in Alex, Oklahoma, home to quite a few stake joints, so it stands out a little. Ironically though, you will find Napoli’s in a strip mall back in the corner, meaning when you come into the parking lot you have to look for it. The overall setting is adequate and the staff is quite amicable. The restaurant has a chilled atmosphere and they have quite a few strong dishes, regardless of the searing reviews from critics on yelp. This comes from the fact America has fine-tuned its taste for exotic dishes through the melting pot of cultures that have integrated in urban centers for the past few generations. For a unicorn, this restaurant gets a few things right though.

The first dish worth mentioning is the Chocolate Tiramsu. Classic tiramisu does not usually have chocolate but the way that it paired was a pleasant surprise. All skeptics are invited to try it out for their benefit. The best dish I would say is the dinner salad with the creamy marinara dipping sauce for the homemade garlic rolls. The rate is also quite appealing considering the dipping sauce portion allocated.

This is a good place to go to if you are looking for something above the usual within the Italian market for any meal. The customer service is on point and the food is on another level. Positive reviews from clientele always claim about original flavors. At the same time, the pricing is quite good considering. Most items on the menu go for $15 or less and the servings are so significant, they are almost suspicious. So the next time you go come through Alex, Oklahoma, this is one of the best options if you are feeling Italian or gourmet. I would say one of the best Italian places in the country.


Written By: Jeff Willingtone

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