New York City – Marcony Ristorante

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Are you in New York and missing to take some Italian dishes? If yes, then you need to do what I did and visit Marcony Ristorante. It is located on Lexington Avenue in the 31st and 32nd street in New York. The restaurant is usually open all the days of the week except on Sunday. It is a clean, cozy Italian restaurant with numerous delicious dishes. There is a reason why Italian dishes (food and drinks) are nearly as famous as Italy’s historical and artistic assets. If you want to have a taste of Amarone, Chianti and Barolo among others while in New York then this is the place to be.

In this restaurant, you are first welcomed by the Italian décor images and statues. The restaurant has got diverse ways to decorate the tables with various table clothes. Since I started visiting Marcony Ristorante, I have witnessed a different type and design of table clothes every time I visit. To me, the restaurant gives me an attitude of comfort and joy of life.

The table arrangements encourages the comfort of every person, whether a group, couple or individual. This is because there are tables that have been arranged to accommodate more than two people, while others are for two only. This gives the opportunity of holding events like parties and birthdays. All you need to do for this is make reservations with the management in order for you to get the kind atmosphere that you are looking for. This is where I held my graduation party and the arrangement process is easy and simple. You only need to make a call and give details. After that consider everything done after paying a down-payment.

My favorite dishes in this restaurant are:

· Fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic, shrimp and fettuccine with leeks. This mostly I take during summer in order to keep light and healthy.

· Burrata fondue sauce with Eggplant soufflé. This is an elegant way for Marcony that makes me forget my diet and just smile.

· Pink pepper corn together with tuna carpaccio. This is usually combined with frisse salad, red onion, extra virgin oil and sweet orange. This is my best dish of all.

You should visit and taste their special food and best dish. The master of the kitchen is Chef Cesar and without him, the restaurant would be far from what it is right now. I love his job and it is what makes me feel I must drop by to have a taste of what he took time to prepare so to say. Marcony Ristorante is one of the best in New York so to say.

Written by: clirack

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