Koh Samui – Tandoori Night’s

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Tandoori Night’s

Thailand is always a magical place for travelers, tourists, adventure seekers and those who want a taste of Asian cuisine. Reading about it is not convincing enough till you get the opportunity to go down there yourself. The Indian restaurant Tandoori nights’ in Koh samui is one food joint that stood out from the rest. The experience here will always remain memorable. I had just had a short stroll across the Island and wanted to shelter from the scorching heat outside. So I stumbled across the place by chance.

The service offered to a customer is top-notch, providing a welcoming atmosphere. Arriving at an order is confusing as the air is filled with sweet, spicy aromas of tasty dishes emanating from the kitchen. I decided to try a variety of indian dishes: Smosa, aloo gobi, malai kofta, garlic naan and steamed rice.

Before the meal arrived I took the liberty of trying out a bar cocktail. The bright fruity concoctions have a sweet nectary taste. There is no greater feeling than sipping a sweet drink while listening to Indian music. Outside I could see several other tourists pass by as the locals solicited them to enter into the joint.

In barely 30 minutes my food arrived and the display was remarkable. It’s not my first time ordering Indian food but I have never had anything this tasty before. The garlic naan  was simply the best garlic bread i’ve ever had! The vegetable samosa was crunchy on the outside and soft, hot and comforting on the inside. It was filled with snow peas and potatoes seasoned with Indian spices. The aloo gobi and the malai kofta were also amazingly good. Malai kofta is a hot dish it’s semolina balls filled with cheese and swim in creamy sauce I mixed it with the steamed rice and it was delicious. Aloo gobi is mixed potatoes and cauliflower cooked in strong indian spices. The dish was so moist and tasty.

During my stay in Thailand I hardly took  my tour guide handbook, instead I just went out with an adventurous mentality. With such an attitude I kept discovering amazing places. The locals offer visitors great hospitality and you also get the chance of witnessing raw Asian culture. On leaving the restaurant only one thing was certain, I would be back again.

Written by: Lior Y.

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