Koh Tao – Beach Club By Haadtien Restaurant

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Capri - Aglio oglio
Koa Tao


In the small island Koh Tao that’s in Thailand in a beautiful hotel located in shark bay called “Beach club by haadtien” there’s the most romantic beautiful Italian restaurant right on the beach named ‘Capri’.
The place is designed so that even if all the tables are full you would still fell as if you’re there only with the person you came with.
All tables are facing the ocean so as well as a romantic mood you get to see the best view.
The restaurant specializes in pizzas of all kinds. They have a brick oven where they bake the pizzas right after you order.

We ordered the vegetarian pizza. It comes with onions, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms all on a crispy crust with amazing tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella. Best pizza I ever had in Thailand! for a minute I actually thought I was in Italy.

The restaurant also has a large selection of pasta. We tried the ‘Aglio Oglio’. The sauce on this pasta is olive oil, garlic, chili flakes and of course graded parmigiana cheese.
This dish was incredible. The pasta was cooked perfectly and had so much flavor.

The service in ‘Capri’ is also worth mentioning, the staff was very nice and we got everything we wanted without waiting even though the restaurant was full.

I would go back to ‘Capri’ without a doubt!
For the romantic atmosphere, for the beautiful view, for the good service but most of all for the amazing food. It’s definitely worth traveling to Koh Tao for.

Written by: Lior Y.

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