Want a Healthier Heart? Try These 33 Superfoods!

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So, you’ve finally decided to start eating healthy for once? No problem, it’s better to start late than never. Today, we’ve got plenty to share with you regarding the kinds of food that can boost your heart health. To keep your love muscle pumping stronger and for longer, you’ll want to take a look at these 33 kinds of fruits, vegetables, proteins, beverages, and even candies!


Can you say no to the citrusy delight that is an orange? Oranges don’t just make for a great flavoring, though you definitely can get a kick out of your pancakes by grating some orange zest into the batter, but that’s beside the point. As you undoubtedly already know, oranges are packed with vitamin C, but did you know it also contains potassium and pectin? All of these things together can improve your heart by lowering blood pressure.


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