Buffalo – Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar

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The United States is known for many great food dishes. Depending on what part of the country you’re in will determine what might be the top recommendation on the menu.

When you are in Buffalo, New York the favorite dish on the menu is chicken wings. If you are a local, then you just call them wings, but if you’re passing through you might call them Buffalo wings, hot wings or a combination of the two. And, if you’re local, you’ll know exactly where to get the best ones, really cheap almost every night of the week.

I highly recommend the Spicy Hot BBQ chicken wings from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY which claims to be Home of the Original Chicken Wing’. While their original sauce is famous around the world, I really like the sweetness the BBQ sauce adds to the flavor, it also cuts a little bit of the heat. Ever wonder why wings are served with celery and carrots? They help cool your mouth from the spicy heat of the hot sauce, especially when dipped in blue cheese dressing!

There are plenty of ways to order your wings, I prefer mine cooked extra crispy, extra saucy. Cooking for the extra few minutes ensures the fat on the wing is crispy rather rubbery, and the meat generally falls off the bone this way. Extra saucy? Well, who wouldn’t want extra sauce?

In Buffalo its traditional for wings to come with blue cheese dressing on the side, however, you can order ranch dressing if blue cheese isn’t your style. They will know you’re not local, but better to order what you like than suffer through blue cheese if you hate it!

If it’s your first time I recommend ordering a mix of medium wings and BBQ wings to get started. If you can handle the heat, you can always ask your server to bring out the hot sauce to try, just remember to ask them for extra celery!

Written by: jacktonemyles

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