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Wedding Anniversary at Sand Key, Columbia Restaurant

About two weeks ago I was stressed out at work. But most importantly, my first wedding anniversary was a week to go. This is our first year in marriage and it has been wonderful. My beautiful wife has been so supportive and loving. As such I wanted to surprise her with a wedding anniversary dinner.

I am not an outgoing person. Actually, I can almost be referred as a workaholic. Therefore, I knew that my wife expected that I would forget the date. I consulted one of my workplace who is more outgoing and she referred me to this wonderful restaurant along the clear water beach.

I booked a reservation and on the material day, I casually invited my wife to pick me up from the office as we head for the dinner. I was hesitant because I had never been to the place. However, the lots of compliments and praises that my colleague told me about the restraint comforted me.

On reaching the place, wow! I was even more surprised than my wife. She couldn’t believe how I knew about such an elegant place. The view from when you are getting into the Sand Key restraint ids breathtaking. The customer service is so warm, you would think they are your long lost friend.

We picked a table in the Mediterranean dining room. For a couple of minutes, my wife and I were not talking. We were enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean as we quenched our visual hunger with the elegance and beauty of the place.

I had no idea what meals to expect; luckily my friend had suggested we try out the Spanish-Cuban cuisine. We ordered and after some few minutes, the meal was served. I can still feel the taste of the meal on my tongue a week later. We enjoyed every second of the meal as we enjoyed ourselves with the view of the waterfront.

The experience was so therapeutic that this week I am feeling so rejuvenated at work. We have not stopped talking and reliving the experience with my wife. So far I have referred two more friends to try out the restaurant. We are also already planning to go back and try out one of their fish meals in the course of the coming month.

Thank you Sand Key, Columbia restaurant, for surprising me on my surprise wedding anniversary. You can definitely expect me and my wife back very soon.


Written by: Laura Kennedy

Photo’s Taken By: Columbia


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