Chan Hom Meng: A high-quality Restaurant

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 Chan Hom Meng: A high-quality Restaurant

Indeed, there are so many restaurants in Singapore. Approximately, there are over 6000 stalls and restaurants operate just like the Chan Hom Meng. However, there is a great difference when it comes to quality and the prices. Just about a week ago, while I was wondering where to dine, I could see a lot of restaurants also known as Hawker Stalls’ and I was surely spoilt for choice. Thanks to the guide that I found online and it gave me what I was just looking for.

Amazingly, when I just read about Chan Hom Meng a restaurant that received the Michelin Star, I was so curious to have a taste of their prestigious meals. Actually, I found it a fantastic place. With fine quality meals, competitive or half-price with no compromise in quality, variety, and utmost excellent service, I really recommend Chan Hom Meng for everyone.

Chan Hon Meng - foodworldblog
Chan Hon Meng, owner of Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle hawker stall, awarded one star.
Photographer:  Sam Kang Li
What about the Michelin Star?

Perhaps you are hearing this for the first time. Just like me, I didn’t know what this meant and I had to do some little research before I could make my decision. In this case, I found that, with over 6000 food stalls and restaurants in Singapore, only two have been awarded the Michelin star. One being the Chan Hom Meng.

The mention of Michelin Star made me curious and I found out that, there are so many factors that are considered by the Michelin Guide before they can award a star to any restaurant in the world. In this case, let me share the facts:

· Chan Hom Meng has got the best staff. The chefs of this amazing restaurant are well trained, competent and are very much experienced.

· The restaurant prices are just unbelievable. Imagine I used only $2 for a whole plate of rice and soya sauce chicken not to mention the prices of drinks and other food types.

· Excellent customer care experience. This is what I witnessed. Just as I entered, I was given a warm welcome by one of the waiters and in no time, I was busy dining.

· Great variety for choice. Chan Hom Meng offers a lot of variety ranging from chicken, soya, and rice among other foods. In addition, different brands of drinks are also available at competitive prices.

In conclusion, with that in mind, you have to arrange a visit yourself and check to prove the same for yourself. Of course, you will have the best experience that you have never had in any other restaurant anywhere.

Written by: Lay Luck






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