20 Surprising Uses of Banana Peels

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The Banana is a very common fruit eaten all over the world. Their nutritional value is also high containing B vitamins, potassium, folate, magnesium, and heaps more. So, it may come as a bit of a surprise to learn there is more to this fruit than just the fleshy part inside.

Banana peels are overlooked and underestimated, which is why they usually end up in the bin. This segment of the fruit has wide-ranging household, garden, and skin uses. Most fruits and vegetables are not solely just for eating. Like tea leaves, orange peels, and coffee grounds have multiple uses in and around the home. Next time before tossing the fruit leftovers in the trash, try these 20 surprising uses of banana peels.

Remember to always use fresh peels that are kept out of heat and sunlight and don’t store them in a refrigerator. The banana is rich in carbohydrates so the sugar content is at its highest when the peels turn black.

Banana Peel Tea


Brewing a cup of banana peel tea is healthier than you would imagine. The properties in the skin help treat depression, insomnia, anxiety, as well as improve immunity, metabolic function, and digestive health. Boil a clean, ripe banana skin for 10 minutes in two cups of water.


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