15 Worst Pieces Of Nutrition Advice Internet Might Give You

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The internet is a wonderful thing: we can reach out to people from across the world, and almost all of the world’s information is available with just a single click of your mouse. However, there’s also a flurry of misinformation provided by trolls or misinformed individuals who promote their fake news or anecdotes as fact. Unfortunately, the health sector is not immune to receiving horrendous nutrition advice from self-proclaimed scientists and “health gurus.”

When it comes to our health, it’s completely normal to be skeptical about what random people and family members share over the interwebs. When in doubt, consider the source – is your friend who drinks himself blind every Saturday night really the best person to take nutrition advice from? This article will show you 15 pieces of nutrition advice that should raise a red flag.


“Eat your meat first then your vegetables. The salad pushes your food down, helping you digest your food better.”


Food goes into your stomach where it’s mashed into chyme – a mixture of gastric juices and partially digested food. The order isn’t of any importance. Eating your meat first might make you full, making you reject a healthy, green salad. If anything, eat your light salad first, the meat afterward.


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