15 Weirdest Diet Trends in History

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Throughout history, people have been completely obsessed with weight-loss. In our rush to drop pounds, some people have gotten extra creative with their nutrition. That’s all fine and good until they begin to pass their “findings” off as scientific fact or the next miracle diet.

Make sure you’re following the right diet plan if you want to drop weight. There are certainly several diets that’ll just waste your time. Case in point, here are 15 diet trends that prove that we’d do anything to burn fat!


Lord Byron’s All Vinegar Diet


Lord Byron was an English nobleman who had a fear of gaining weight. He went to great lengths to prevent this so he limited his diet to only include low-carbohydrate foods, carbonated water, and vinegar-soaked potatoes. He even spiked his water with vinegar since he became accustomed to the taste.


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