15 Not-so-Obvious Symptoms of Stroke Doctors Wish Everybody Knew

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Stroke symptoms can be as extreme as a sudden inability to speak. However, oftentimes the subtle hints – though just as dangerous – are disregarded as common health issues. Failure to catch these symptoms can lead to delays in receiving medical attention, rendering the most effective stroke treatments utterly useless.

Receiving medical care in time can significantly increase the chances of surviving a stroke since certain therapies are only effective in the first few hours after experiencing one. Symptoms such as weakness in limbs and unconsciousness are easy to spot, but these 15 less dramatic symptoms are signs of an imminent stroke.


Weak facial muscles


Weak facial muscles are common for people just about to experience a stroke and in people post-stroke. This occurs when the nerves that control facial muscles become damaged. Facial palsy is a loss of muscles in a portion of the face while the limbs still function perfectly.


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