15 Foods that Make Your Skin Age Fast (And How to Replace Them)

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There are several factors that affect how quickly we age, including genetics, smoking, and sun exposure. What you probably didn’t know is that our diets also play a huge role in developing wrinkles and how we feel as the years go by. It’s impossible to stop aging, but we can delay the inevitable.

We can take charge of how we appear in the mirror by monitoring what we eat. Some foods can cause the premature of wrinkles or dry skin. To look as young as you feel, avoid eating these 15 foods by replacing them with healthy alternatives.

Sweet Foods


Eating excessive amounts of sugar will trigger a process which affects skin collagen (the protein which keeps skin tight and young) production. Sugar is hard to eliminate from your diet, so try the 80/20 method (80% of your diet consists of healthy foods and a maximum of 20% for sweets).


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